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awards and personalized gifts

We have the finest acrylic, wood, crystal, and glass plaques,
awards and assorted personalized gifts or every occasion to show
colleagues, friends, and family what they mean to you. To celebrate
their accomplishments or commemorate achievements and milestones.
Everything you or your organization may want for an affordable price.

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For the Heroes in Your Life!

PLAQUES all sizes and styles

CRYSTAL as well as Acrylic

GLASSWARE wine glass, mugs, and more

UNIQUE ITEMS personalized gifts





+Gifts that are Special


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engraved signs of all types

We have provided signage for many customers of all variety.
ADA Compliant Signs, Way Finding Systems, Office Wall and Desk signs,
Interior and Exterior, Cast Brass, Bronze or Aluminum, affordable price.


As Well As Contract Engraving

GLASSWARE wine glass, mugs, and more

COASTERS including Bamboo

TILES for a unique mural or kitchen look

UNIQUE ITEMS personalized gifts

ENGRAVE YOUR ITEM - To make a unique

item or for security and Identification



While Pineland Engraving can provide any signage items you might need, Our Speciality is Signage Requiring Engraving Such as Way Finding Signs, Directories, Office and Wall Signs, as well as ADA Compliant Signage.

Since Signage requires customization most of the time, Please use the “Contact Us” form to discuss your signage needs.

Commercial / Office Signage

Need Office Signs?

Contractors and construction companies will find it easy to outfit an entire building, new tenants or new offices with our complete line of premium office door signs, corridor directional signs,  restroom signs and personalized suite room signage for any use.

Sliding Message Office Signs

Custom Office Signs, Sliding Message Office Signs, Co Pay Signs, Therapy Room Signs, Physician’s Office Signs, Board Room Signs and Suite Room Signage. The largest selection of premium office signs, suite room signs and door signs in the nation.

Way Finding Signage Systems

Wayfinding Signs, Suite Room Signs and Corporate Name Plates

Our name plates and wayfinding signs are fully customizable at no extra charge. Custom text variations, colors, corporate logos and sign sizes for all our office sign products are available.
Personalized text for names, titles, directories, and room numbers or braille.
Full color text, company colors, and corporate logos. Choice of sign mounting options.

Customizable office and door signs are used by government agencies, law firms, dental offices, churches, hospitals and businesses across the nation.

Shop with confidence on our secure web site, we offer the highest quality signs, custom & contemporary office name plates, office door signs, suite signs and meeting room & board room sign products.

ADA Signage

The American’s with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990, and it was meant to make the American society more accessible to people with disabilities. It is now required that many public businesses abide by the guidelines set in this act. Many companies that fail to comply with the ADA are cited or forced to take other drastic measures.

industrial signage

Machine and shop placards, signs, signage, labels, panel controls are made to your specifications. Choose Standard or Custom signage right for your application. Signage such as:

  • Traffic Signs
  • OSHA Signage
  • Safety Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • Property Signs
  • Facility Signs
  • Emergency Signs